Fear of the Unknown, and other ramblings

…so we’re getting close to the wire now, and this isn’t really about the travel anymore; I’m starting to lose some sleep lately, I think, worrying about finishing up at work.


I graduated in 1998 and have worked pretty much straight through since then. That’s a lot of desk time right there. 14 years in fact (I know, you can do the maths too..). How did those all those hours, days, months and years slip by so quickly? I have a lot in my life to be thankful for, but on this front I feel I’ve let myself down, by sticking at something that makes me unhappy.

So now that I’m stepping off the brain drain train, I’m wondering how I’ll cope without the routine of working life, and the everyday banter and familiarity that comes with the job. I sort of feel like I’ve decided to travel almost immediato to avoid making any other Important Life Decisions just yet, but I’m hoping the decisions will come easier after a break from the old routine (also, I suck at even the smallest of decisions). COP-OUT, but I still think it’s the right thing to do, as otherwise I run the risk of overthinking everything and getting my knickers in a right twist, and nobody needs to deal with THAT.

travel2 overthinking

Next year, I’m concerned about the culture shock, being completely out-of-my-comfort-zone, the ‘will I make friends?’ issue, the ‘how many scrapes am I gonna get into?’ concern, and mostly of being horribly homesick for my family. Having boarded as an expat kid and gone months on end without seeing my family, you’d think I’d have hardened up to this, but I’ve almost gone the other way…I totally need to (wo)MAN UP next year!

xx katieschaafs


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