Who knew?

So, the LEAVING PARTY I didn’t really fancy having was…LOVELY (red wine aided, thank you Mr Malbec)..who knew I had so many lovely friends who wanted to see the back of me wish me well on my travels? Whilst we all have woes about a variety of issues big and small, let’s not forget how lucky we all are to have in each other such fantastic FRIENDS. You guys make my life fun, varied and happy.

I’m ready to split now, readers.  I’ll see you on the other side, with a tan, wild humidified hair and experiences that don’t involve involuntary frottage on SouthWest commuter trains.

Thanks for being so supportive and patient whilst I’ve waited for D-day, it’s been a long time coming, and I’m looking forward to actually having some tales to recount, rather than whingeing about my plans (or rather lack thereof), fears, and what the hell’s going in my backpack.

xx katieschaafs 

my most loved, below..



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