Singapore, what’s not to love?

What’s not to love about Singapore?

I felt super spoilt in Singapore, it being so easy to navigate, so clean, and the people so polite, helpful and friendly.

After the debacle of landing in Sharjah, instead of Dubai, I finally made it to Singapore with an easy cab ride to Robertson Quay to see Gerry, Mark and their kids Christian and Julian. Great set up, nice pool, central riverside location, fantastic hosts.


My first full day I was supposed to just go for a local neighbourhood amble, but the must-see-it-all-now in me got the better of me and it turned in to a 4 hour stomp round the city taking in the riverside quays, the financial district, Raffles Mall and the legendary Long Bar in Raffles hotel. I threw my peanut shells on the floor, sucked up my Singapore Sling and soaked up the colonial atmosphere. At S$26 a pop it was about S$5 a slurp, but well worth it. I worked it off by getting lost in Fort Canning park, a lovely peaceful park that overlooks the city (many stairs, godammit).


Day 2 I hotfooted it to the Botanic Gardens for a look-see. This place puts Kew Gardens to shame. Entry is free, aside from the Orchid Gardens, which at S$5 is bargain of the century. I was there soon after the gates opened and the place was already full of joggers, walkers, tai-chi and Zumba stylee classes. I made tracks for the orchids and have to being totally overwhelmed by the volume and variety of specimens. I can’t adequately put their beauty in to words, and will add shots when I remember to bring my damn cables to the internet cafes! (updating blogposts is time consuming and tricky on an i-pad, hence the delay in any posting (plus, now that I’m on my way, I’m not sure how/what I want to say, and whether it’s worth my time trying to post at the expense of actually experiencing my surroundings…I will do my best but no promises! I’d rather not post at all than post half-hearted badly laid out stuff  like this one, sooo…)).

After my floral adventure I made my way to Marina Bay Sands hotel, and decided that I was going to try to avoid the viewing platform fee of S$20 by heading to have a drink in the uber cool Ku De Ta club…turns out muggins here paid S$22 for a beer with less of a view. But at least I got the beer though, right?  ….it was only after a few sips I realised it was only 11.30 am…ach, I’m on vacation people, cut me some slack here! The whole Marina Bay Sands hotel and Gardens by the Bay are incredibly impressive, I managed to see the ‘Wonder Full’ laser show and Gardens by the Bay, both worth a look-see.


I decided that next I needed to see Chinatown, which was fun, but tacky, and full of squawking Chinese trying to sell nasty lanterns to one and all.


The remainder of my trip passed by without event. I caught up with Jared and Nat, Rachel and Mike and managed to see Little India, Sentosa island (a literal playground for Singaporeans!) and tramped my way round the city (with a few cabs thrown in in the interest of time-saving in the heat, you understand). On the subject of sore feet, I much enjoyed my reflexology foot massage in Chinatown’s night market and reached an all time new fashion low with the purchase of some lesbian shoes Teva sandals; it’s not going to be glamorous from here on in folks.

My over all impressions of Singapore? I loved the easy feel of the place, the cleanliness, the proximity of everything, the scale of impressiveness in this relatively small city, the work ethic and can-do attitude, and the family-friendly vibe.

It was also pretty great to see one of my best friends some place other than mine, hers (pre-transfer) or All Bar One. I’ll be back for more Clark Quay riverside beers soon Gerry, I promise!

After six days I was ready to move on though, to the grottier grittier part of my trip.

Next stop Thailand, sa wat dee kha!


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