Brighton Rocks

Brighton is a mere 46 mins train ride from Clapham Junction. This week’s incredible weather made my impromptu visit an easy decision. The train was packed with happy faces, everyone itching to hit the beach.

I’d not visited Brighton since 2007 with an ex-boyfriend, and it was about time I returned to disassociate those memories and make some new ones of my own. This time the sun was shining and I could do as I pleased.

I headed for the marina and marvelled at the boat masts and blue skies, but felt saddened by the mass chain restaurants and little else to see there, so decided to hit up the infamous Brighton Pier and the gorgeous (albeit pebbly) beach, passing by via the incredible Brighton Pavillion (visited before, no need to see again on such a warm day!).

Brighton Pier is full of all the tack and gaudiness that you’d expect to find in a British seaside resort, but it kind of does what it says on the tin. I took photographs of the seafront but didn’t venture in to the arcades or towards the end of the pier with all the rides.

I spent the rest of my day lolling about in the pebbles finishing a great book, people watching, drinking rose in the sunshine and watching beach volleyball. I drank slush puppies and watched my tongue turn blue and ate ice cream and mussels (separately).

It felt like I was in LA, not Sussex!

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the donkeys or monkeys that I remember from a trip there in my ‘yoof’. Ah the times, they are a-changing…

If you’ve not been for a visit to Brighton recently, make it a priority on a sunny day, you won’t regret it (although it will almost certainly always be too cold for a dip in the sea!).

xx katieschaafs

P.S. retrospective Asia blogging is still yet to come…I’m working on it, kind of! 😉

P.P.S. picture editing and sizing is a huge source of frustration to me on this blog (and the reason my SE Asian blogging never really took off!). It’s time consuming and when you think you’ve got it right, you preview it and it’s all out of kilter again. I’m kind of a perfectionist about how this should look so I can only apologise for slightly shoddy looking format until I learn how to get better at this! 😦

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage image


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